Russian Standard vodka

case study

Russian Standard Vodka is Russia’s number one premium vodka, and you can find it in more than 80 countries. Created by combining state-of-the-art distillation techniques with time honored traditions and crafted using the finest ingredients.

The Challenge

Russian Standard Vodka wants to reposition the brand to resonate with untapped market of Early Adopters by emphasizing the culture, tradition and character. The challenge is to develop a paid social media campaign that ties together the characteristics of RSV and Early Adopter consumer insights. There are many competitors in this industry.

The Objective

Generate awareness with the Early Adopter demographic by emphasizing RSV's experience and quality, and its non-commercialized nature and character. 

Target Audience

Culture Insights: 

In the millennial's world of hyper stimulation and innovation, the mainstream path means boredom and a waste of time. They are looking for unique, low-key experiences to fit the low-profile world they live in.

Our target is inclined to drink RSV, mostly because it has not yet popularized among their peers.

They want to be pioneers, but product trial is based on a strong brand image and guarantee of premium, high-quality. 

Early Adopter

25 - 34+ 

Technologically advanced, innovative, social

Mid-High Income

Brand Character

The younger, hipper version of a luxury, high-end good. Good quality with an accesible demeanor.

RSV's voice is not arrogant like "the popular guy", it is mysterious and low-key yet confident and promising. 

Driving Idea

To tie together the character of the "Early Adopter" and of RSV, we decided to strategically position RSV as the Drink of The Unfollower.

Only unfollowers can redefine standards. 


Social Strategic Plan

We found brand character traits and target audience insights with qualities in common to leverage, this helped develop how we want to competitively position RSV: 

Position the brand and its offerings as an alternative experience (the unbeaten path) but with guaranteed quality:

(1) Culture and character of travel and mystery, (2) the high quality of our RSV is based on the fine process and expertise (3) the versatility of our product encourages individuality and freedom of expression 


Follow the unfollower

Resonate with Early Adopters by emphasizing the culture and character of travel and mystery that RSV has by traveling to “unfollower” destinations.

Travelling Unfollower Bar Truck with RSV drinks will make pit stops in the hip, low-key areas of US cities.

Redefining standards

Show excellent quality of our RSV based on the pure process and expertise its production. A process so fine it redefines the Standards of vodka.

Educate audience of how well made it is. So much so that the recommended way to drink it with class is to enjoy it alone. Those aware of quality process, take pride in having it that way, or know it's worth a shot.


rebel without a cause

RSV stands for the unfollower and taking the road less traveled.

This idea stands for something bigger, the message of individuality and embracing diversity. 

We encourage being yourself, and expressing it.


Upper: Awareness

Middle: Interest

Lower: Conversion


  • Targeted Facebook sneakpeek short-video of “take the road less traveled” for lookalike audience with “like page”.

  • Instagram posts to followers, or re-targeted getting the audience curious of whereabouts

  • Carousel with clues of next location (scavenger hunt style)

  • Instagram stories of where we are

  • Instagram cutouts of full photo and final photo shows destination  

  • 2nd-3rd tier, locally known Influencers in low-key locations drinking on story, sharing top experiences at destination to compile into "city guide on social media coming next week" (gain loyalty/following)

Follow The Unfollower

Redefining Standards


  • Facebook and Instagram: Videos themed “When you know, you know.”  Sneak peak of our process with high-quality production shots, ends with image of straight vodka

  • Facebook and Instagram: Carousel “Less is More” with instagram profiles of traditional, basic drinks (Martini, Moscow Mule, Cosmo) with "0 followers" and "500k following"- presented ironically/mockery.

  • End carousel with RSV icecold with "1m followers" and "0 following"

  • Facebook/Instagram: “Less is More” Uncommon influencers: testimonials drinking straight RSV in a storytelling way on their profiles and we re-post

Upper: Awareness

Middle: Interest

Lower: Conversion

Upper: Awareness

Upper: Awareness

Middle: Interest

Middle: Interest

Lower: Conversion

Rebel Without A Cause


  • Targeted Facebook short-video of “Be A Rebel Without A Cause” for lookalike audience with “like page”. 

  • Video shows a mosaic of RSV being made of very diverse people

  • Instagram and Facebook posts: Influencers who are known for diversity or representing minorities supporting RSV

  • We send influencers and organic fans, who represent unfollower way of life, a giveaway and encourage Snap engagement about the product

  • 10% of proceeds in October (Bullying prevention month) go to anti-bullying foundation.

  • DM or comment how you are a rebel without a cause and enter a chance to win a free RSV sponsored trip to see the factory and production.