Andrea talmaciu

This is my story



I am an explorer, adventurer, free-spirited individualist.

Fashion, travel, arts, food, literature all fuel my imagination and creativity. 

I learn and blossom through discovery of the unknown, and enjoy applying these learnings to my work.


My creativity has brought me to love fashion, strategy-driven editorial content  and campaign development. 

Aspiring digital strategist with a background in Business and Communications, and a passion for all things creative. 

Firm believer in that strategic content and  telling a compelling story come from a blend of creativity and insightful research.

I balance my creative side with research and insight. 

I develop a familiarity with my audience to deliver relevant content.

In my professional efforts, I follow my instincts, but seek insights and data to mold my projects into something results-driven and focused.


This is a factor of my business/entrepreneurial mindset. 




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