Dr. Smood

case study

Dr. Smood is an organic boutique cafe located in South Florida and New York that provides people with on-the-go gourmet options and healthy alternatives crafted to be good for mind, body and soul.

The Challenge

Dr. Smood wants to gain awareness in a wider audience and build trust and loyalty with current audience. The challenge is to develop a paid social media campaign that ties together Dr.Smood pillars and consumer insights. There are many competitors in the area.

The Objective

Increase audience base and build brand loyalty from current consumers by emphasizing experience and quality of Smood offerings.

Target Audience

Culture Insights: 

Women are more commonly seen at specialty cafes such as Dr. Smood. 

The image of being "healthy" has become commercialized on aesthetically pleasing social media posts. It's all about living and experiencing a "holistic", wholesome life.

How you live "healthy" helps you build an image. This image is very important in these areas. 

Miami, FL and New York, NY

70% women, 30% men 

20's - 30's

Mid-High Income

Social Strategic Plan

Develop a position based on brand attributes and consumer insights that intersect 

Position the brand as a full experience you want to have:

(1) mood-enhancing and healthy, (2) comfortable, calm environment to find happiness, (3) empowering and nutritiously packed meal or snack. 

Content Themes

Smart Food, Good Mood 

See: Dr.Smood provides a healthy, mood- enhancing meal.


Think: The food is crafted by holistic experts using beneficial ingredients so it’s good for health.


Feel: Assurance - knowing what is being eaten.

Dr. Smood Experience

See: Each Dr.Smood cafe gives me comfort and well being.


Think: Dr. Smood is the spot where everybody can get together and enjoy healthy food.


Feel: Balanced and fulfilled


Keeps Me Nourished

See: Food that gives me the strength to go all day


Think: Cares about their customers' health


Feel: Empowerment - The feeling to conquer the world


Upper: Awareness

Middle: Consideration

Lower: Conversion/


Execution Examples

Upper: Awareness

Upper: Awareness

Middle: Consideration

Lower: Conversion/Loyalty